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Patricia (Trish) R.

Professional Background: Former elementary school Art teacher and retired from a second career as an Information Technology professional. An "arty techie" is how I describe myself. 

My creative interests are varied and include acrylic painting especially floral and landscape scenes, polymer clay creations, and container gardening. 

I like to get creative with the iPad too, as it offers opportunities to combine different mediums like watercolor, oils, sketching, photos and graphic design. My favorite apps for creating children’s stories and producing teaching materials are Book Creator and Puppet Pal. 

My newest hobby is creating polymer clay minatures; especially fairies and a fairy garden landscape. 

And newer hobby! Hydroponic gardening with Aerogarden. Great place to add Fairies.

Polymer clay covered wine bottle in acrylic painted flower box

2013-07-07 11.57.42
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