Children’s Art Camp 

Summer 2018

2017 - 1 (6)

Digital Art Plus  
Fine Arts, Crafts & Digital Design

Location: Newtown Parks and Recreation
Ages 8-12 
Date: July 2018 - details coming soon

Splash! Create colorful, underwater scenes with sea turtles, sharks, seahorses and other creatures of the deep using clay, paint, craft materials and a variety of iPad art software. Learn to draw and paint with acrylics, watercolors and digital paints too. Construct polymer clay sea creatures, under-the-sea landscapes and enjoy related craft projects. 

Then add them into your digital artwork, which will include comic strip creation, animated video productions and more. Each day we will split the time between digital art/video and traditional arts and crafts activities. We will take a short snack break and play some art-related games too.


All art materials included - iPads will be provided for each student to use in class. 

Please bring a smock for art activities and a snack/beverage for break.
A stylus is optional, but useful for digital art.


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